World Traveler VR

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تا حالا دوست داشتید که بتونید مکان های جدید جهان رو با هدست واقعیت مجازی تماشا کنید ، شما با ایت نرم افزار میتونید به هر جای جهان سفر کنید و همچنین حدس بزنید که کجا هستید شما باید تمام ۸ سکه پنهان را بیابید تا مرحله را به اتمام برسانید.

این برنامه نیاز به اتصال انترنت و همچنین هدست دکمه دار دارد ،

اگر می دانید که کجا هستید، نقشه خود را در زیر باز کنید و روی آن کجایی که فکر می کنید شهر است ضربه بزنید
• دکمه ی ماشه ای مقوایی را نگه دارید تا هر زمان که به منو بروید بروید

این بازی شامل
• 24 سطح مختلف برای بازدید در VR
• 72 مکان مختلف برای حرکت
• 120 حقایق سرگرم کننده در مورد شهرستانها
• 192 سکه پنهان برای پیدا کردن دارید

World Traveler is a geo guessing, VR cardboard hidden object game in which your goal is to figure out which city you are in. On each level of the game you are „teleported” to an unknown street or location somewhere on earth and you need to uncover the mystery: Where am I?

Have you ever wanted to see the world, discover new places? World Traveler VR will show you different places from all around the world.
Whether it is a city center, or deep into the amazon, enjoy the view in World Traveler VR Cardboard version!

System requirements
• Minimum: 2 GB RAM
• Requires google cardboard or any compatible VR headsets with button
• Gyroscope
• Internet connection

What’s Google Cardboard?
Cardboard is a low­cost, easy­to­get virtual reality viewer that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset. Learn more about Google Cardboard at Buy or build your own at

How to play the Game?
•  Collect all 8 hidden coin to win the levels…
•  …or if you know where you are, just open the map beneath you, and tap where you think the city is
•  Hold down the cardboard trigger button, to go back to the menu anytime

The game contains
• 24 different levels to visit in VR
• 72 different spots to move
• 120 fun facts about the cities
• 192 hidden coins to find

Virtual Reality
This application is a Virtual Reality experience that has been optimized for every user. Launch the application to travel to a high-quality, stereoscopic virtual world and view the world in 360 degrees all around you. Our design goal is to create an easy to use, easy to understand, kid-friendly, positive Virtual Reality experience that introduces people to the power of VR.

It is designed for people that wish to have a very streamlined experience without confusing controls or navigation. Load it, view it, share it with your friends!

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